Spring Play -  "You Can't Take It With You"

Our Senior Class play was presented on March 9th and 10th. It was a great hit!  The full program and a newspaper clipping can be seen here.

Pat Stevens emailed her favorite memory - "With regard to the play, my favorite memory is when Bill LaSalle entered in Act III.  I'm hoping he reads this and tells the story, but if he doesn't, I'll be happy to relate it.

Another memory is something that didn't happen.  The play opens, and my character walks across the full stage and sits down at a desk. I learned later that two friends of my sister Sue who were helping the stage crew had planned to put a Whoopie Cushion on the chair and decided against it.   I'm very grateful that they did!"

Phil Caravella remembered - "About the play; a very humorous story. During a practice session, I was carrying a young lady in my arms on a platform (I cannot remember who she was other than she was really cute) and misstepped and fell off the platform with her. We did not get seriously hurt but I am sure a few bruises both in spirit and on our bodies were there. It had to be my fault I suspect. Wow! that was a close one. Should anyone know who it was I would love to know. I think she was in the class before me. "

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